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Product Video Production

Corporate Product Video Production

imgforge streamlines the production of Product Videos.

We specialize in producing highly effective promotional and instructional product videos that perform as influential marketing tools. Our professional quality videos will represent your brand and product in the best possible way. With the combination of original footage, engaging motion graphics, and advanced editing, we can create successful product videos specific to your needs. Promote, sell, and answer consumer questions with just one video by imgforge.

What is a Product Video?

A video – usually web based, which introduces a product and its functions. It is a professional, crisp and clear illustration of the product, its use, and its features intended for employees or customers to get better acquainted with the product.

A product video can also include promotional and marketing content. This video is used to promote sales by incorporating advertising elements such as slogans, sales pitch, and costumer testimonials.

What can a Demonstration Video do for you?

Professional product video has proven to increase sales.

Research indicates that product videos increase conversion over the same product pages with only static images. Product videos are more engaging and consumers are more likely to spend time on your website. The viewer is then 65-85% more likely to make a purchase. An effective product video will attract and keep the attention of consumers, therefore increasing sales potential.

Other benefits of a Product Video:

  • Show clients how to use a product.
  • Generate product awareness.
  • Illustrate key features and use of your product.
  • Act as a training aid for new customers just purchasing a product.
  • Enrich web content through application of videos.
  • Get a consistent, high quality delivery of your message every time.
  • In-store displays can be created to attract customers to your product, with either a continuous loop or a DVD-style menu.
  • We make Professional Product Video!
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