Pages and Leaves

Pages and Leaves

What is the difference between pages and leaves?

A page is typically side of paper, while a leaf is a sheet of paper. So a leaf of paper could contain two pages if double sided or just one page if single sided.

[rt_accordion_style accordion_style=”four” accordion_color=”#117e8e”][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”What is the difference between reader’s pairs and printer’s pairs? “]Printer’s pairs are the laid out spreads that will be committed to paper, Reader’s pairs are the pages laid out in the order they will be read. We require artwork to always be supplied as single sheets to avoid any confusion.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”Why is it important to upload single pages in order? “]Rather than supplying, e.g. the cover and back first, followed by inner pages, it’s important to supply pages in numerical order, with the cover being the front page and the back being the last. This ensures your document is printed correctly.[/rt_accordion_style_item][/rt_accordion_style]

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