Eric Wayne Key

Eric Wayne Key


Largest website Eric has ever worked on? for Bank of America® between 2000 and 2001. $13 million. Over a year’s worth of wireframing and strategy sessions between San Francisco and Chicago with a team of sixteen designers and strategists. Smallest website Eric has ever worked on? A one-page site for a man running for mayor in a small town in Alabama. Finished it in a couple of hours.

Eric’s career began after college in 1988 when he was hired as the first pyro-technician for the then new Disney/MGM Studios. He eventually worked as an audio technician, crew chief and designer on many Disney themed shows and publications.

He also had the privilege of working first hand with George Lucas, Jim Henson and Frank Oz among other entertainment luminaries. Notable moments – received a kiss on the cheek from Phyllis Diller; received a verbal bashing from Isabel Sanford (“Weezy” from The Jeffersons).

After a back injury cut short the Disney stint, Eric returned to school to focus on computer generated graphic design and video production. In 1995 he began working for an ISP as both web designer and webmaster. In 1997 Eric moved to San Francisco where he became the Web Manager for the Mindscape Games® division (now Ubisoft®).

When Mindscape underwent a buyout from Mattel®, along with several other small software companies, Eric became the Web Manager and site designer for world famous brands such as Cyan® (Myst, Riven), PFMagic® (Petz, Dogz, Catz), Mattel Interactive®, Red Orb® (Prince of Persia) and Strategic Simulations Incorporated (Warhammer – Chaos Gate, Panzer General and John Saul’s Blackstone Chronicles, among many others).