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  • By integrating SEO into your new website design, your conversion rates will skyrocket
  • Our Fresno SEO Company will help you define your website’s entry points, and then optimize them so high-quality customers can find you with ease
  • We will fully integrate your Fresno website with Google Maps, creating citations that rank you prominently on smartphone searches
  • Successful Fresno search engine optimization requires the effective use of keywords and phrases – we know how to identify them
  • There is more to SEO than simply ranking – Unified Design of your site, combined with savvy marketing, will convert traffic into sales

SEO Fresno – Website Design Fresno Search Engine Optimization

There is a broad misconception about SEO and it affects business owners and so-called SEO experts alike. This is because many view their Fresno website as a brick-and-mortar store, where the home page represents their only entry point to the products offered inside. As a result, SEO keywords and phrases are loaded onto the homepage until all definition and cohesion is sacrificed with the misguided hope that some of the keywords will be effective.

Your Fresno website is not a storefront, but it is your most vital link to your customers. Those Fresno customers use Google to find what they are looking for, but what happens when they land on your website and don’t immediately find what they’re looking for? They go somewhere else.

SEO Company Fresno – It’s All about Converting Traffic into Sales

Fresno search engine optimization on its own is virtually useless. Effective use of SEO not only drives traffic to a website, it seeks to convert that traffic into sales and increased profits. Therefore, a website that fully integrates design elements and marketing content with SEO will ultimately succeed where others fail.

At imgforge, we approach SEO from a more mature perspective. Our Unified Design approach to website development and Fresno search engine optimization seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Design a thematic website that establishes your online identity
  • Identify keywords and phrases that your customers actually use
  • Define and develop multiple website entry points to maximize the efficiency of your SEO
  • Ensure that every landing page makes it simple for the customer to take positive action
  • Create compelling content that offers the customer the information they desire
  • Use citations and create a Google Plus page to maximize your visibility on Google Maps

As we examine these ideas in more detail, you will soon get a better idea of just why imgforge’s Unified Design accomplishes the ultimate goal of Fresno SEO – increased conversion leading to increased sales.

How Our Fresno SEO Company Creates Your Online Identity
There is no older adage in business – “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This is especially true with your Fresno website, especially in an age where people will quickly leave your site if they don’t immediately find what they are looking for.

While anyone can build a Fresno website on WordPress, there is a reason why serious Fresno business people seek professional help when designing a site. A number of factors go into creating your online identity, and these include photos, written word, layout, menus, logos, and other elements.

Your Fresno website must be attractive, professional, appealing to the eye, and make it easy for the customer to contact you. Indeed, anyone can use a paint set, but only a master can create a work of art.

Additionally, SEO considerations should be made during the design process. Many Fresno websites ultimately fail because the web designer has no real understanding of SEO. They create the site with a jumble of keywords on the home page, ignoring the fact that customers may be drawn to a Fresno website for a wide variety of different reasons.

The Importance of Defining SEO Keywords

We see this scenario played out over and over – a business owner identifies industry-specific SEO keywords that are not used by customers seeking their services. Then, because the web designer has no real knowledge of how SEO works, traffic is limited and conversion rates remain low.

Our Fresno SEO Company focuses on identifying keywords that your customers actually use, and we incorporate them into the content during the design phase of the website.

Why is this so important? Because the Unified Design of your website seeks to anticipate the client’s needs based on the search phrase they used to enter your site. This holistic approach to SEO and website design is proven successful, and it is your most valuable sales tool in this day and age.

As we mentioned earlier, your website is not a storefront. Rather, it is more like a shopping mall where customers may enter from a variety of entry points, depending on the nature of their inquiry. So, instead of throwing a bunch of SEO keywords on your home page, we create highly focused inner pages that are optimized for one or two search phrases.

In this way, your Fresno customers are immediately rewarded for their search. They land on a page solely devoted to their specific inquiry, much like being greeted by a well-dressed, friendly salesman who then guides them to the product or service they desire.

This is the obvious benefit of Unified Design, a concept that’s exclusive to our Fresno SEO Company.

How Google Maps Contributes to Successful SEO

Another key aspect of our Unified Design focuses on establishing your presence on Google Maps/Places. We will create a smartphone-friendly version of your Fresno website and a Google Plus page for your business. By adding citations we then make sure that your Fresno website is easy to find on Google Maps.

This is an important part of your Fresno SEO package because it anticipates the habits of your clients, and helps them utilize the tools they prefer when making Google searches.

SEO Company Fresno – An Overview of Our Unified Design Approach to SEO

At imgforge, we offer something far different – something more than just Fresno SEO. As innovators in the SEO industry, we will design and develop your website with one clear goal in mind – increased sales.

Our Fresno SEO Company is dedicated to providing you with:

  • Custom, attractive, and thematic website design
  • SEO Keywords and phrases your Fresno clients actually use
  • The identification and creation of multiple website entry points based on your SEO
  • The creation of compelling, marketing-driven content
  • Prominence on Google Maps
  • A variety of pay-per-click and Fresno SEO packages

Your website is your most effective way to advertise your business, and it’s the first impression you offer to your Fresno customers. We are ready to help you with a fully integrated website design and SEO package that will bring everything together into one cohesive whole.

The Value of Quality SEO Content for Your Fresno Company’s Website

During the design phase of your website, it’s necessary to consider your market and how best to generate content that not only satisfies Google’s demands but also generates leads. As mentioned above, the first step is to identify the most popular keywords and phrases used by your clientele. Once armed with this information, how can you create SEO content that drives customers to your Fresno business? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my market?
  • How will the average customer benefit from my product/service?
  • What fears would prevent a potential customer from choosing my product/service?
  • How can I create consumer confidence when generating content?

Your market is the people who are most likely to use your product or service. The idea behind search engine optimization is to focus your website’s content on the keywords and phrases most used by consumers who use are in need of your Fresno product or service. However, you must also generate content that motivates this client base to choose your company over your competition.

This means that simply ranking a site via SEO is not enough. For your Fresno business to become profitable, you must convert these leads into sales, and this is where marketing plays a vital role in the ultimate success or failure of your website.

Customer Benefits and Fears – Stating the Obvious

Consumers make purchases for a variety of reasons, so it’s important to identify the reasons why your particular market ultimately chooses one company over another. As yourself how the average consumer benefit from your product or service. There is a big difference between highlighting a product attribute and a benefit, so let’s first review how these two concepts differ.

If your Fresno company sells flooring, you can list all of its many attributes. It’s made from quality vinyl that’s easy to clean. It is durable and will withstand heavy traffic for many years. It comes in a wide range of colors and designs.

This is great information to incorporate into your web page as you develop your SEO, but couldn’t this be said of any flooring? While product attributes were listed, nothing was said as to how these attributes benefit the user.

To make your product stand out on your web page, you should also appeal to the emotions of your clientele, because consumers are far more likely to make purchases when they become emotionally invested in a product.

So, instead of simply saying your vinyl flooring is easy to clean, your content could appeal to the busy lifestyle of the working homeowner who will benefit daily from flooring that is easy to maintain. Instead of simply saying your flooring is durable, your content could highlight how the homeowner will save money by making a sound investment. Instead of focusing on “color and design,” your content could convey a sense of personal pride in a home that reflects one’s personality and aesthetic sensibilities.

Obviously, these are but a few examples, and you will need to identify the motivations of your particular client base, and then incorporate that information into your Fresno SEO.

Overcoming the Negatives – Your SEO Content Must Acknowledge Buyer’s Remorse

The number one reason a consumer fails to make a purchase is the fear of buyer’s remorse. This means that one of the primary goals of your SEO must be to overcome a consumer’s fear of regretting their purchase.

Most people are afraid of paying too much for a product. Some are afraid that it will fail. Others may fear that your company won’t back up the product or service if something does go wrong. These are all generalized consumer fears that likely apply to any business, but you must also identify pitfalls to sales that are unique to your industry.

When you work with our Fresno SEO Company, you benefit from our extensive knowledge in both search engine optimization and marketing. We will work directly with you to identify your market, and then develop SEO content that acknowledges their fears, highlights the benefits of choosing your company, and then incorporate these concepts into the fabric of your website.

SEO Company Fresno – Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to unleash the true potential of your website, contact one of our Fresno SEO gurus today. We can help you become a leader in your industry by focusing on the only thing that matters in business – profits. If your website fails to generate income, then it’s a failure. When you work with our SEO Company, we consider it a partnership. We aren’t successful unless you’re successful, so let’s start working together on a website that will quickly become the envy of your competition.

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