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How many of us have noticed a new restaurant in our area, only to pull out our phone and immediately check the reviews? We do it so often that it’s become second nature. 

No matter how you slice it, reviews seem to rule the world around us. They can either make or break a decision to eat at a restaurant, buy coffee at a cafe, or make a purchase from an eCommerce store. 

If you run a business, product reviews instill trust in your brand and help improve your online presence. Email is one great way to collect them. 

However, if you’re not sure how to use email as a tool to increase your product reviews, this is the guide for you. By the end, you’ll feel equipped with the knowledge to start collecting product reviews that will help you take your eCommerce store to the next level. 

Why do product reviews matter?

Collecting product reviews and feedback from your customers can help in many ways. They:

  1. Give your company a good reputation: Building a solid reputation is crucial for the success of your business. People want to buy from an online store that appears trustworthy and reputable. A staggering 88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as they would a recommendation from a friend! 
  2. Build a rapport with existing customers: Asking returning customers for their thoughts on a product shows that you care and contributes towards building a rapport with them. Imagine how you would feel if your favorite brand asked for your feedback and then featured it on their website? You want your customers to feel important and that you care about their thoughts. Showing personal interest is an asset that can set you apart from your competition. 
  3. Provide you with testimonials: While you can work hard to create your brand, testimonials can speak louder than anything you could say. You can even create an entire area on your website or social media account dedicated to product reviews and what people say about your shop. This way, new visitors will know exactly where to go to find out what people think. These pages may even motivate them to buy highly-reviewed products, therefore increasing your sales.
  4. Gain valuable feedback. Reviews also help you hone in on areas that you can improve across your business. Perhaps multiple people comment that your return policy is hard to find or your shirts run large. You can gather that information and apply it in ways that benefit both previous and future customers.

How to ask for reviews in email marketing

If you’re already sending newsletters or promotional emails to your subscribers, you can use the same software to ask customers for reviews en masse. Or, use tools like MailPoet, which can automatically ask individual customers for a review after a set period of time.

Mack Weldon email asking a customer for a review on the sweatpants they purchased
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Here are a few tips for requesting reviews:

1. Customize your emails 

Although you might use predesigned templates, this doesn’t mean that they need to be cookie-cutter responses. With all the spam people have in their inbox, you don’t want to get thrown in with unwanted messages. 

Start by customizing the email with their name. While you want to maintain a sense of professionalism, you also want them to view you as a friend. A simple “Hi there {subscriber name}!” or “How’s it going {subscriber name}?” will give your emails the personal touch you need to stand out from the crowd. 

Another way to customize your emails is by separating them by product and category: 

Purchased this product emails 

Let’s say you want to increase sales or reviews for a particular product. Using Mailpoet’s product-specific email feature with WooCommerce makes this a breeze. First, you can customize your emails based on the product purchased and set them to automatically trigger after a set period of time. 

"purchased this product" settings with a dropdown for send time

You might send tutorials on using the item or suggest related products. Plus, you can ask them for a review. 

Your review request might say something like:

Hey {subscriber name}! 

You purchased {product name} X days ago, and we wanted to check in and see how you like it! We appreciate your support and just can’t wait to know how it’s been working for you. Could you share a few thoughts? Your honest feedback will help us improve our products now and in the future! 

{Insert call to action button}

You can remind them of their purchase in a few short sentences and motivate them to give you some helpful feedback. 

Purchased in this category emails 

What if you’re looking to increase sales in a particular category? Send a “Purchased in this Category” email to reach a wide group of customers from this segment. Unlike the specific product emails, these target customers based on the category they purchased from initially. 

dropdown for "purchased in this category" email showing options for scheduling

You can request a review (which will give you more credibility with new shoppers) and remind former customers of other products they might like to add to their collection — all at the same time! 

Don’t be afraid to sound friendly and casual here. You want people to think of you as a friend encouraging them to return to a store they love. These category emails can be scheduled in advance to be sent out days or weeks after the initial purchase. 

2. Give a clear call to action 

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave reviews. The last thing you want is for them to feel that it’s another vague email that’s landed in their inbox. Instead, leave a clearcut call to action at the end of your message. 

Target email asking for a product review of a memory foam bed pillow
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This might take the form of a short message with a button saying, “Click here to tell us what you think” or “Fill out a brief survey.” 

3. Timing is everything 

When using email marketing to increase product reviews, timing is everything. We’ve all been here: you download a new game app on your phone only to be accosted with a review request five seconds later. You haven’t even tried the game!   

It’s the same with product reviews. When sending emails, you want to wait long enough for the customer to get familiar with their purchase. This also means factoring in the time it takes for shipping.

Take the example of a digital download versus a hoodie. Someone who bought a digital download will likely access it right away, so sending a product review a week after the delivery date would be ideal.  

On the other hand, a physical product like a hoodie needs to be washed and hung up in their closet. A person might not reach for it until a windy day. Consider sending a product review email after a few weeks. This gives them enough time to wear it once or twice, and they can give it a thorough review.  

You can automate your emails to send at specific times with either of the MailPoet features. Emailing people in this manner helps you catch your customers at the right times.

4. Don’t annoy your customers 

While you want to get these coveted reviews, you don’t want to come across as pushy. It’s okay if some people don’t respond to your request for a testimonial. If they’re a repeat customer, there will be plenty of future opportunities to ask them for a review. 

Sending out requests for product reviews too often will have your customers unsubscribing faster than you can say “email.” Instead of spamming them, why not consider including an incentive in the subject line?

An incentive could look like a 15% off coupon for giving their thoughts or offering a buy one, get one deal on their next purchase. 

Your subject line might say:

{subscriber name}, get 15% off your next purchase for sharing your thoughts! 


Hey {subscriber name}, how does BOGO on your next purchase sound? 

5. Thank them for their time 

Finally, and most importantly, you want to thank your customers for the time they spend filling out a survey or sending in their thoughts. Even a not-so-stellar review can give you some much-needed insight into how you can improve your products.  

Use MailPoet to send behavior-triggered emails after a customer has filled out a product review. If you promised a discount, send it through. Otherwise, a simple thank you email gets the job done. 

We get it; asking for product reviews isn’t a perfect science, but the rewards make learning what works all worth it. 

In summary, you’ll have a successful email marketing experience if you stick to the following:

  • Customize your emails (product and category emails)
  • Give a clear call to action 
  • Time your emails right 
  • Avoid harassing customers 
  • Thank customers for their time 

As long as you follow these tips, you can feel confident asking for product reviews by email. Remember, people want to feel valued. Showing your customers that you care will benefit you, your business, and your reputation for the years to come. 

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